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Q | Are you a legit business?

A | Yes – We are licensed and insured.

Q | When do you schedule your photo shoots?

A | We hold most of my sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. We recommend shooting during a very precise time of day—generally the last sixty to ninety minutes before the sun has completely set. This special window known to photographers as “The Golden Hour” is the period of time when the light from the sun is at its most perfect. With its long rays diffused across the entire sky, the light creates a flattering glow and shimmer for picture perfect skin tones and deliciously warm portraits.(example: In June, depending on that day's light, we may starting a session about 6:00 pm; in December, depending on the day's light, we would be starting a session about 3:00 pm). For indoor sessions, studio style, anytime of the day is suitable.

Q | What can I expect after the shoot?

A | After your shoot, we will schedule a time for us to get together for you to review and purchase images/ prints. The turnaround time for viewing a normal photo shoot is 1 -2 weeks.

Q | Will I have to pay for my portraits at the ordering session?

A | Yes - Payment for portraits will need to be made at the time of your ordering session.

Q | Do you offer digital files?

A | Yes, we do offer portrait collections that include a select number of digital files.  We also offer individual digital images for purchase and the option to purchase all the selected digital images from your shoot.  Please contact us for current pricing.

Q | What types of products do you offer?

A | We offer portrait collections that include prints, digital files, mounted wall portraits, online slideshows , canvas wraps, ready to hang metal prints, an online gallery and customized photo albums. Contact us for current portrait collection prices.

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Q | What should we wear for our shoot?

A | Wear something comfortable that shows your personality. Scarfs are a nice accessory that adds a pop of color when wearing neutral tones. I advise clients not to wear busy patterns that may “date” the picture too soon. For family or couple shoots you want to wear complimenting colors. You don’t have to wear the same outfits; however you want your colors to coordinate. Some Examples: Dark colors recede thus making you look thinner, and light colors project, which tends to bulk you up. Dark colors are more formal than light colors. Seasonal Colors: Some colors are more appropriate at certain times of year than others. Like the pastels of yellow, are usually associated with summer, while autumn colors are rust, brown, green, and burgundy. Wearing rust in the summer, or light yellow in the fall may look out of place.  Click here for some color combination ideas.

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